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 米国でサブプライムローン(信用度の低い借り手向け住宅ローン)危機が深まる中、住宅ローンを返済できなくなった人々が、家からwalk away(立ち退き)、家のかぎを入れた封筒を銀行に送り返すケースが急増している。この封筒をjingle mail(ジングルメール)という。かぎがjingle(チリンチリンと鳴る)ことから名づけられた。この現象は米国の住宅ローンのほとんどがnon-recourse loan(ノンリコースローン)であることから起きている。サブプライムローンとノンリコースローンの制度は表裏一体である(鳥居英晴)。

 ロイター通信のコラムニスト、James Saftは4月18日の記事で次のように述べている。
Increasing numbers of Americans are simply walking away from their houses and mortgages, increasing pressure on banks and the economy.

Rapid house price falls in many parts of the United States will soon leave as many as one in five borrowers owing more on their loan than the house will fetch, removing at a stroke the single most powerful incentive to keep up with payments.

The phenomenon of "walk aways" or "jingle mail," so called because of the noise the house keys make in the envelope mailed to the bank, is hard to measure but shows every sign of gathering pace and having a substantial impact.

 ("walk aways"とか、銀行に郵送された家のかぎが封筒の中で出す音のために"jingle mail"といわれる現象は、計るのが困難であるが、速度を増し、大きな影響を与える兆候を示している)

 Mark Zandi of Moody's Economy.com estimates that 10.6 million homeowners will have zero or negative equity by the end of June, or 21 percent of first mortgage holders.

 (Moody's Economy.comのMark Zandiの推計によると、6月末までに千六十万人の住宅所有者の純資産価格がゼロになるかマイナスになり、これは第一抵当権所有者の21%に当たる)

 Home foreclosure filings surged 57 percent in the 12 months to March and bank repossessions soared 129 percent from a year ago, according to RealtyTrac.


 In most of the United States, foreclosures follow a sequence of an initial notice of default, then notice of a scheduled auction, and finally a "REO" filing indicating repossession.


 If borrowers walk away, lenders can skip the auction notice and accelerate repossession.


 Investopediaは、jingle mailを次のように説明している。

 A situation where a homeowner mails his or her house keys to a mortgage lender due to an inability to meet mortgage payment obligations and a lack of equity in the property. If a homeowner is upside-down in a mortgage and feels the entire loan is a lost cause, he or she may choose to walk away from the property altogether and relinquish it to the original lender instead of going though the foreclosure process.


 Double-Tongued Dictionaryによると、jingle mailの古い使用例は1992年である。この言葉は1990年代初めの米国の不況時に生まれたようだ。


1992 Pamela Yip Houston Chronicle (1) (Nov. 1) “Haunted by debt”: Kosciuszko said the mortgage insurance industry coined the term “jingle mail” because homeowners whose mortgages were worth far more than their homes literally mailed their house keys in to lenders.

1997 Davis Bushnell Boston Globe (Massachusetts) (Dec. 6) “Boom got away from many condo owners” p. G1: When the recession of the early 1990s hit, many owners of converted apartments in the Boston area, and especially those who had purchased them as investments, resorted to “jingle mail”―sending condo-unit keys to their banks or mortgage companies and walking away.

2006 Bill Fleckenstein MSN Money (Aug. 7) “Even if the Fed pauses, the trend is down”: I have heard about isolated cases of “jingle mail,” where homeowners have mailed in the keys because they can’t make the payments and no longer have any equity in their homes. That phrase was a prominent feature of the S&L;bust and ensuing real-estate debacle in 1990-1991―and something we’ll be hearing lots more about in the future. 2

2007 Charleston Daily Mail (Charleston, West Virginia) (May 6) “Mortgage spike forcing evictions in the nice neighborhoods, too” (in California): In the great Southern California bust of the early 1990s, real estate legend holds, many defaulting homeowners mailed their keys back to the lenders, in effect washing their hands of the whole matter, and promptly left town. Thus was born the term “jingle mail.”

 日本の住宅ローンはrecourse loan(リコースローン)が一般的である。recourseは法律用語で「遡及」という意味で、「遡及型融資」と訳されている。融資対象の不動産を担保に取ったうえ、連帯保証人などの人的担保を求める。「人」の信用に基づいているため、担保とは無関係にその「人」に対して返済義務を生じさせている。担保物件を売却しても債権額に満たない場合、担保物件以外からも返済義務が生じる(遡及する)。個人およびその保証人がローン完済までのすべてのリスクを背負う。

 non-recourse loan(ノンリコースローン)は「非遡及型融資」と訳されている。これは、「人」や「会社」の信用に融資するのではなく、不動産事業そのものに融資する。ローン返済ができなくなったときに、担保になっている資産以外に債権の取り立てが及ばない(遡及しない)。担保物件を売却しても借入金全額を返済できない場合でも、残った債務についての返済義務が生じない。担保をその不動産のみに限定し、金融機関がリスクをとっている。一般のローンより金利は高めになる。ノンリコースローンは不動産の証券化(securitization)には不可欠になっている。

 サブプライムローンにおけるノンリコースローンの問題は日本のメディアではほとんど取り上げられていないが、英文メディアでもほとんど言及されていない。その中で英紙フィナンシャル・タイムズが3月26日にブリュッセルのCentre for European Policy Studiesの所長、Daniel Grosがこの問題に触れている。見出しはDifferent dilemmas in America and the eurozone(米国とユーロゾーンにおける違ったジレンマ)。欧州でも、住宅ローンはリコースローンであるようだ。

 However, another, seldom mentioned, difference is even more important: in the US, most mortgages are "no recourse", which means that the lender (the bank) has no recourse to the owner of the house. If the value of the house is lower than the mortgage on it the borrower can just walk away and simply send the keys to the bank. This is called "jingle mail", and it is becoming more common throughout the US as house prices are declining almost everywhere.


 This "no recourse" nature of US mortgages means that a fall in house prices leads to severe problems for the banking system because mortgages still make up almost half of all lending by US banks. By some estimates the US banking system might lose all of its capital if house prices were to fall by 20-25 per cent, as they must if they are to go back to average pre-bubble valuations.


 In Europe borrowers cannot just walk away from a mortgage, since they remain liable for any difference between the value of the property and the amount of the loan. In Europe a fall in house prices may make consumers poorer and less willing to spend, but it does not threaten the stability of the banking system.


 As jingle mail spreads, the US government will have to intervene to save the US banking system





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